Khoja Nasreddin
Khoja Nasreddin
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The main restaurant "Sheixxan" is located on the second floor and may accommodate up to 120 people. It is equipped with a screen, a projector (upon request), professional light and sound system, a stage, which allows to organize celebrations, concerts and shows at any level.

There are also two separate rooms for up to 40 persons each. Our chefs are ready to offer our guests a large and diverse menu of national and European cuisine
Our menu favorites
One day the Sheikh wished to have a salad and the order was given to all the cooks to make a light, tender and healthy salad. Out of the many dishes that had been offered, Amiri was the only one that the Shiekh chosen. Sheixxan restaurant is the right place where you can teste it!
Plov Sheixxan
Once upon a time, in the Sheikh palace, a poor man worked as a cook. This poor cook had a daughter who was sick. One day this cook decided to please his daughter with a roasted quince and cooked it along with pilaf for Sheikh Amir. Amir liked the quince pilaf so much that he gave order to cook him quince pilaf all the time. The Sheikh gave one more order to his healers to treat this cook's daughter. That is how the quince and the secret of the new pilaf saved the little girl's life. The PLOV with quince is henceforth called PLOV Shiexxan
A right set of products gives to this dish an extraordinary taste and flavor. Beautiful, bright broth is so transparent that one can see every piece of this oriental soup. Such soup has an amazing particularity: it warms you up in winter and cool you down in summer.
Balaza Shurpa
Bukhara PLOV very different from a PLOV that you can try in Samarkand or any other region of Uzbekistan. It contains many vegetables, such as onions and the famous yellow carrot. It is rich in zira (special spice for PLOV) and barberry. The different layers of Bukhara PLOV are not ed and contain specific flavors. Such a unique combination of the ingredients makes Bukharian PLOV so healthy. The great scientist and healer Inb-Sina (Avicenna), mentioning the PLOV, claimed that it gave him as much strength as any other dish didn’t.

Bukhara PLOV
Akhror Kobilev
I'm always curious to know the history of a dish when I see a new recipe or an original serving. Examining every detail, you learn about new combinations and flavors. The more unusual a recipe is, the more it grabs my attention - I've always dreamed of learning how to create culinary masterpieces. I am a fifth-generation cook. Combining traditions and modern trends – this is my way of creation at Sheixxan.
Chef Cook
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