Informative and unusual
Sheixxan Show is not only fun and good mood! You will learn a lot about the traditions and rituals of Bukhara, you will also try Sheixxan style PLOV, which will be cooked according to the recipe, taken from the inhabitants of KISHLAK. After all, the recipes of PLOV from different cities and places have their own particularities – you will learn them from us.
Keen and cheerful
Sheixxan likes to cheer up the guests: the main protagonist of the show Khoja Nasreddin – bon vivant, funnyman and soul of the company entertains guests with games and amusement. The performance starts with a festive mood and the artists, musicians and singers keep on going with such an atmosphere till the end of the show.
Shiexxan Ethno Center is a unique center in Uzbekistan which hosts professional ethnic performances where the artists of different genres participate. Shows are combined with hearty dinners for different tastes and pockets.
Unique and authentic
A guide to the national colorite
Among orchards, vineyards, fields with cotton and wheat, under the pure sky of Bukhara, in six kilometers from the city center, at the outskirts of historical Sheikhon village, cozily nestled unique ethnic-center.

We invite you, our dear guests, to our Sheixxan!

You will be able to appreciate the traditions of hospitality of sunny Uzbekistan, feel history and rich cultural heritage of Bukhara region.
Exclusive theatrical art-show programs, dinners in traditional oriental coloring, cheerfulness, good mood!
At your service
Is happy to provide National and European cuisine at the best local traditions.
Cooking Shows
You will learn the technology and process of cooking some selected dishes of national cuisine on the open fire and in the traditional oven – TONDIR. You will see a wonder birth of the main local culinary miracle - "Bukhara PLOV".
Permanent exhibitions and sales, as well as folk crafts store are at your service. Personal master classes, vernissages of folk craftsmen and artists are organized on regular basis
Arts and Crafts Zone
Regular theatrical amazing performances done by the best professional actors, singers, musicians, dancers and circus artists.
Evening Shows
Sheixxan News
Happy Easter!
To all our friends who celebrate Easter this Sunday, 9 April: Happy Easter!

Sheixxan is wishing all the best for Novruz!

Nowruz is coming!

Spring has come… Donkeys are waiting Khodja Nasreddin… Sheixxan is getting ready for Novruz celebration…

Happy Women's Day!

Bukhara-style plov - secret №3
Time came for the third secret about Bukhari Plov… and you will be surprised even more when you get know that it might be that James Bond had duplicated his famous sentence: “Shaken but not stirred” taken this sample our famous Plov from Bukhara recipe. Different layers of Bukhara Plov are not mixed - that is the reason why this dish is light and has a reach test and it is very colorful.
Sheixxan whole team is wishing you Bon Appetit!

All we need is LOVE and SHEIXXAN

Bukhara-style plov - secret №2
Time came for secret № 2.
Plov from Bukhara has quit a lot of vegetables like onion and famous yellow carrots. Plov is usually saturated with cumin and barberry.
Plov’s layers are not mixed and it helps to keep the aroma in full.
Bukhara plov - secret №1
Plov from Bukhara: all about this most famous Uzbek dish…
Sheixxan is happy to share with you all culinary secrets.
Plov is a very HEATHY dish!
Ibn Sina (Avicenna) – world known healer-claimed that plov was given strength and energy.
Navruz is coming
Navruz is yet to come - New Year in Spring...
Come to celebrate it in Sheixxan and you will have much fun and cordinal ambiance! Sheixxan Plov is a must!
Thank you for your assistance
  • Shakhriyorov Botirjon
    Deputy Minister of Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan
  • Nematov Doniyor
    Director of Bukhara Department of Culture
  • Rayimov Khakimjon
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